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As much as I enjoy talking and sampling cigars, my true employment is the world of fitness and health. I have been involved as a Fitness Trainer, Fitness Manager and an administrator for over 40 years in the field.  I hold  an MS in Recreation, certified in Personal Training, Senior Fitness and Golf Fitness from the National Academy of  Sports Medicine.  I have trained professional athletes, media personalities, out of shape folks seniors and just about all fitness profiles. I know what I am talking about. 

The question I get more than any  is , ” What should I do to lose……..? Fill in the blank. Weight? Inches?  The answer(s) is pretty simple but very difficult to execute.

Frank’s Fitness Guide

  • Show up to the gym or your workout room on  a regular basis. Make a schedule and stick to it.
  • Hire a trainer to set up a program for you. Do not seek free advice from your friend or someone in the gym that looks athletic. Their program is not your program. 
  • Be realistic in your expectations, have goals that you can achieve. You will not lose 10 lbs in two weeks or drop 3 inches in your waist.
  • Do not bring your phone in the work out room.
  • Do not distract from your workout.  It is very easy to lose focus because a workout is hard work and may be uncomfortable. You may have a workout buddy but not make it a chat fest. 
  • Get out of your comfort range, mix up your workout, that is, don’t do the same thing all the time. That is a great reason to hire a personal trainer. They will vary your workout. 
  • Your workout needs to be safe. If you get hurt , you will not come back either soon or at all.
  • Get endurance and stability in your workout first. It’s not important how much lbs. you lift. How much you bench press  has no basis in your overall fitness design. 
  • Don’t spend too much time looking in the mirror. Be more concerned how  you feel than look. You will eventually look better if you stay with your plan. It will take time to see changes. 
  • Your diet is equally or not more important than your workout. If you think a good workout allows you to drink a 6 pack of beer as a reward, stay in the bar and don’t workout. Your plan must concentrate on both the workout and diet. 
  • Workouts should be fun but at the end of the program make sure you do you what you set out to do. 
  • If you have grandiose goals of coming to the gym every day and spend hours in it, you will probably drop out in a couple of weeks. Again, this is why you need to hire a trainer .  A trainer will give you guidance.

The next blog will tell you what to look for in a gym or workout room. There are certain basics that each gym should have or do. I will also talk about what to look for in a trainer and what a good workout design should consist of.

If you have any questions in the interim I will answer very general questions. I can also set up training sessions via videos and Facetime. There is a charge for this service. 

By the way, cigars and fitness do mix but not at the same time.

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Keep smoking and yImage result for cigar imagesours in fitness and health.

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