Cigar events: On injured reserve


Lifestyles : Staying healthy

Perhaps I have been fortunate , lucky , healthy or a combination of all, but the cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-36807-img_13282b212first serious injury of  my life slows you down.

The good part. Outstanding medical team on all accounts. The injury to my knee was repairable and now the rest and rehab is part of the equation. How long I will be out is unclear but what ever the time table is, it cannnot be rushed.

Doing 30 more knee lifts or extensions will not speed the healing processs up but if not done correctly , will slow it down.

Here is a very intuitive part of healing.  Your pets know something is wrong and will cling to you and not leave you in your recovery.  Pets make you feel good in all circumstances. In times of stress they will give you positive energy, love and compassion.

I count on them to cheer me up and they do.

My rehab will take some time but I know my furry friends of Miss Ruthie, Cheetah and Mandi will be there.



  1. Hey Frank, Mandi, Miss Ruthie and Cheetah are really going to have a hard time when you are ready to return to work. Hang in there, you look comfy and like you are in good “paws”. Aren’t you glad you didn’t have to get on the freeway this morning???!!! We miss you, L & B

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