Lifestyle: What am I missing?

Events: For most of my life I lived on the east coast. We all knew starting around November , the snow was going to come, the temperature would drop, the wind would pick up. Your car would need to be shoveled out, you would put on several layers of clothing and generally speaking feel miserable for 6 months.

You would either accept it, shut up or complain to no one in particular. So the past ten days, the reports of massive amounts of cold and snow that transcended all other snow records seemed to me total hype.

Back in March1992, I was traveling to Washington DC from Boston to visit my step son Josef who was an undergrad at Georgetown.

The weather reports were for a chance of a big storm in the DC area but the street wisdom said they never got big snow storms especially in March. I was getting sick but felt well enough to make the trip. I had plenty of gear but took a half way approach with my stuff. We landed, got to the hotel room and I started to get sicker by the minute. The next day, my temperature was 103, and had a full blown flu attack.

We called the hotel doctor who said nothing could be done except ride it out. Of course in tandem with my illness, Washington DC got hit with the storm of the century with over 25 inches of snow. Now this was March so the amount of snow was totally unexpected so I never left the room. All the airlines and transportation was halted in the city for several days so all I did was try to sleep and eat grits.

We finally left three days later than we scheduled. I learned two things on that trip. Get a flu shot and you get bad weather every winter.

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