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Cigar News; If you like to treat your cigars with kid gloves, here is the humidor that will take you in that direction.

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Adorini to present unique Cigar Cabinet Trolley during XX. Festival del Habano between February 26th and March 2nd 2018 in La Habana, Cuba


Cologne/Havana, February 12th 2018


The is an original, high-quality trolley, like those used in aviation but with a twist. The Cigar Cabinet Trolley by adorini is elaborately veneered using the genuine cedar wood from original habanos boxes, so the combined artwork of premium Cuban cigar brands, like Cohiba, Montecristo, Partagás, Bolivar, and Hoyo de Monterrey, just to name a few, adorn the inside and outside of each Cigar Cabinet Trolley. This means that no two Cigar Cabinet Trolleys are the same, each piece is absolutely unique.



To guarantee the perfect micro-climate inside, each Cigar Cabinet Trolley is equipped with the same humidification system used in the most expensive humidors in the world, the adorini Cigar Heaven. With this system, moisture levels can be regulated indefinitely, so you’ll always have perfectly conditioned cigars.

In addition, the humidor is equipped with LED lighting, to put your cigars in their very best light.

You can use the integrated tray to serve up your cigar selection right alongside the matching accessories (the adorini Cigar Cutter Neptune and adorini Jet lighter, for example, which are available separately) and the two drawers offer plenty of storage space for accessories.

The adorini Cigar Cabinet Trolley is always first class, wherever you are!

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