Cigar News you can use: We are number 1

Cigar News you can use:

Sam Adams and the Boston Red Sox are now partners in crime. The suds world and  baseball have joined forces  to form  a logical business duo combining  two New England brands. 

Great for New England denizens who worship the Sox and beer. Next we need a cigar joining forces to complete the troika.

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Finally, some good news in the beer world. In the ultimate Boston beer collab, Boston Beer Company and the MLB’s Boston Red Sox have announced an official partnership, having reached a multi-year agreement that will dub Samuel Adams “the official beer of the Boston Red Sox.”

As part of this deal—the best part, really—a Samuel Adams sponsor sign will replace the Budweiser billboard that’s been taking up right field real estate there for nearly 10 years.

Look, we’re level-headed when it comes to beer politics. Beer is a business, and both sides, whether set to take over craft beer as we know it or facetiously determined to #TakeCraftBack, are a little ridiculous sometimes. But there’s nothing bad to say about a Boston business claiming its territory, and showing its city—and the millions of other people who will see this sign every time the Red Sox play a home game—who’s boss.

Anheuser-Busch operates 12 flagship breweries in locations across the United States—Boston, or even Massachusetts, is not one of them—yet they’ve held the Red Sox sponsorship since 1976. (Narragansett held it from 1944 to 1975, which we’re pretty cool with, since at least it originated in New England.) While the majority of Sam Adams’ actually production takes place in Ohio or Pennsylvania, they do operate a facility in Boston, and are (obviously) part of the Boston Beer Company.

Facets of the Samuel Adams sponsorship other than replacing that behemoth of a sign will be a rooftop deck (dubbed the “Sam Deck”), a bar below the third-base stands (“Sammy’s on Third”), and of course, lots of Sam Adams beer, including the upcoming Sam ‘76 session lager.

The sponsorship will also include Samuel Adams brand visibility away from home, such as JetBlue Park in Fort Myers, Florida while the team’s in spring training. Another big up: Samuel Adams will be at liberty to use the Red Sox logo.



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