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My cat Cheetah will soon be 15 years old. For Bengal cats this is pushing the envelope but he still has good energy, awareness , loves to play and is unpredictable.  The other day I heard commotion coming out of the bathroom and took a look. Cheetah was on top of the shower stall, then hopped over to the medicine cabinet. He was doing rollies  on the cabinet, with the possibility of falling off.

Eventually , he jumped off and landed on the sink area. The jump itself both ways is quite impressive with a 6 feet or so span and needs a  precision landing. This is how this cat rolls.

Like most cat parents we buy toys for them. The cost of these playthings are usually pretty expensive and can be pretty elaborate in their purpose. Lights shooting out, chasing mice, and other designs.  Really not sure why we buy them but the cats and our dog too seem to love them.

That is , they love them for 5 minutes. For the few couple of minutes, the dog/cats will sniff the items, push them a bit and pretend they are interested. For anyone who lives with furry families , they know this is the best it’s going to get. We have boxes of slightly used toys they did not make the animals cut.

On occasion, they might resurrect an older toy from a box and feebly play with it. I think this is done just to pacify us. Mandi (about 4 years old) likes small tennis balls and a couple of snake toys.

Cheetah and Miss Ruthie (almost 12), the felines do what every other cat does.  Go into a box or bag and hang in it. That is their favorite pastime. Put a box down anywhere and they will stay in it for weeks. Does not matter what type of box it is.

Often we take the box and move it to another part of the house. It is as if they never saw it before. Massive fights have developed over who claims to box at a particular moment.

My dog who has been buddies with the cats since she came into our house, has many cat-like behaviors. If the cats are in the box, she will want the box too. Sometimes we need to have several boxes around just to keep the peace with all the pets.

I am sure this has something to do with ownership of the box or dominance. Cat behavior has been examined by the best and in reality , no one still really knows, we can only observe and make conclusions.

No matter, it’s entertaining, love it and hoping they do it for years to come.

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