Cigar Lifestyle: The car life in Los Angeles

The main concept that east coast people need to realize about Los Angeles is things do get done but not at their pace. It might be the weather, the distance between A and B or other issues, but you need patience.

Driving every day creates that need or else you might end your life on the 405. You cannot beat the traffic even with all the apps on your phone. It is endless any time of the day. I have no idea where all these people are going. After 20 years here I still am amazed how many cars there are.

Public transportation is making some inroads but is 40 years too late. The past year there is a new train line which goes from downtown to Santa Monica. It takes about 45 minutes to make this route. Driving in a car would be a 1.5 hours on the roads.

However, to get to the train route , you still need to drive to the stations, or take a bus. There is inadequate parking at the stations for the most part. If you get to the stations later in the day, you need to park in the local neighborhoods which is totally unfair for all concerned. Many of the hoods have permit parking so you cannot leave your car there without fear of high priced tickets.

Everyone says they want better public transportation but usage is either flat or heading south. As for me, I have never been on the train and been on the bus I think once. Not a good track record.

That is why it is imperative to learn patience or at least fake it. You can work and live in the same area but that is rarely an option. My job is a 26 mile commute each way. On the average that is about an hour and half a day in the car. Of course there is also the daily errands take one partakes in. Nothing on the east coast prepares you for this lifestyle.

I think if you are thinking about moving to LA, you need to spend several weeks doing a trial run to get a feel what it’s like. The roads are massive, the traffic is massive and the signage is mysterious. The 405 is also known as the San Diego Freeway even if you are not going in that direction. It is also the busiest and most congested freeway in the United States.

The 10 Freeway section in LA is either the Santa Monica Freeway or the San Bernardino Freeway depending on your direction. This actually makes some sense. The point is you need to really pay attention to the names, direction and numbers of the roads. Other wise you will be in an endless loop of potential road disaster. Remember learn patience.

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