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As my site is not exclusively about cigars, I do get readers who are may be  uninformed  in this area.  These followers may need basic knowledge about what are the differences in cigars, where to purchase, and general news about the industry.

An important part of my blog is to provide knowledge in cigar craft, lore and news. My reviews or original content provides a portion of this but it is very important to hear from other sources such as other reviewers, magazines and news stories.

Bloggers have particular ideas and viewpoints that I like sharing. If you are a blogger, please contact me as I will re blog your material on this site.

if you also notice,  my Twitter and Instagram  sites  are on Urban Fishing Pole Cigars which might be useful to glean information. Of course, you have to judge whether these accounts are helpful or not.

In my reviews I always suggest you should try the cigar yourself if what I present interests you. The best practice is to make your own judgment on the thousands of products out there in the market. There is no way to keep up with every release. Some of the old standbys have been around because people like them and the new blends are always worth searching out.

Finding out what one likes is what makes cigar reviews fun and entertaining. You just never know what the public appeal will be.

Thanks for your support, keep the sponsors in mind when you need to order products and let your friends know.

Keep smoking

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