Cigar Lifestyle: Watch out for this

Cigar/Lifestyle: Watches do more than tell time.

Watches and cigars are great conversation pieces. An attractive timepiece and a fine cigar reminds many of a civil world of discourse, enjoyment and comrades. At least this is my image of  cigars and watches. 

I received my first watch for my seventh birthday , a Micky Mouse model with a red watch band. I was not yet  proficient in telling time but with the watch strapped to my wrist, I learned how it was done very quickly. 

Everyone I knew had at least one or two watches. There were the better quality brands which someone gave you as a gift such as Bulova, Waltham, Benrus and others. These watches were not for wearing every day.  Most of us had Timex watches that were advertised as practical and rugged. ” Timex takes a licking and keeps on ticking.”

IMG_3654Through the years my watch collection grew slowly with mostly inexpensive models filling my coffers. I fancied the Chrono and sports styles. Eventually my tastes changed to art deco watches. I was able to get them more inexpensively from E Bay, bidding on watches that were damaged but repairable. 

As much as I liked acquiring more and more watches , my desire eventually halted. The watches I now wanted to accumulate were beyond my price range. I still admire all styles of time pieces but that’s where it has ended. 

Keep smoking 

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