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My blog entries have been somewhat scattered the last two weeks as I am finally back to my full-time job after 11 months of rehab. For those who read my about page, my real gig is a full time Fitness Manager and Personal Trainer.

Last December 27,  the unfortunate act of slipping on an outdoor step at work , caused a serious accident whereas the right patella tendon was ruptured and surgery was the ticket. This also involved a very comprehensive program of PT, with a leg brace limiting my movement for months.

As a person who does not like to sit still, the frustration was strong but I knew without total dedication to the rehab work, the results might fall short. My job was getting back to health.

Last month I was given clearance from the medical team to resume my job and back to a normal routine. My first day was November 5 and so it goes.  While I am not totally where I want, at least most of the movement  is present , and need to build up the strength and endurance. I am also working on the movement aspect  as certain tasks are still difficult to perform.  Overall this injury was more serious than I thought.

In essence, my cigar ramblings keep me sane throughout my rehab, gave me a pleasant task of putting my thoughts about cigars on the blog.

The plan is of course is to keep this interlude going, increase my viewership on all social platforms and make some money too.  I like my cigar friends, the product itself and it’s fun.

Cigar writing is a very small segment of the blog world and I think most people do not take cigar bloggers as serious writers.  Avocation writers do not generally get paid much but do it for the joy of what they like to do.

My blog has steadily risen in the number of followers that seem to like my stuff as I also writie about other topics. My goal which I have spoken about several times is to try to turn into a must read for cigar folks and others too. That in turn, might increase the advertisers in all areas to take notice and get their banners on the site.

I also would welcome guest bloggers to put their thoughts on this site. If this idea interests you please contact me via Email , or my IM box on the site.

So, the cigar reviews, news and thoughts will always be the prominent take so keep reading and let your friends know too.

Keep smoking

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