Cigar news you can use: Full circle for Foundry Cigars or you never know

For Immediate Release: CONTACT Rachel McKnett Kretek International Kretek International, Inc. Acquires Foundry Tobacco Company Effective immediately, Most Foundry Brands to be Distributed by

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Cigar reviews: Not really a review

Cigar reviews: Not a review but commentary.  I enjoy reading cigar reviews from many media sources in the print, video, social networks  and others. Most

Cigar news you can use: Cigar Journal bringing us up to date

Cigar news: Always a good source of cigar news , Cigar Journal is one of the best magazines in the market. Keep smoking FUENTE FALL

Cigar Events: No confusion reported

Cigar Events: seeking the light. Keep smoking

Cigar review: Caution, do not step on tracks

Cigar review: Hoyo de Monterrey/Rothchild   Perhaps you can help me figure this one out. My review started pretty normally. I use my rating sheet

Lifestyle: Red Sox World Champions

Lifestyle: Halloween Santa Monica style

Lifestyle:Creepy, scary and hip. Keep smoking o

Cigar Events: Very brown and clean

Cigar events: Return to sender. Keep smoking

Cigar Events: Not in the SFV

Cigar event: Los Angeles people know the difference. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Finding inner space

Cigar events: Don’t overthink. Keep smoking

Cigar events: The doctor is in the house

Cigar Events: The cream rises to the top. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Red Sox steam roller

Cigar events: La Palina gives you pleasure. Keep smoking

Cigar review: I got Esteli on my mind

Cigar review: Some cigar brands put out consistent, well received product on just about all their releases. La Gloria Cubana is such a brand. Through

Cigar news you can use: Get involved now

Cigar news: Don’t wait for the other guy. Let Congress and our elected officials know  that we business when it comes to our enjoyment of

Cigar events: La Gloria Cubana Esteli

Cigar events: Not in Warsaw

Cigar events: Trying not be noticed. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Keeping the cool hand

Cigar news you can use: Blend envy

Cigar news: Heading to the other side of the pond, Ventura Cigars and Brand Ambassador, Michael Giannini  will be strutting their stuff by introducing an

Cigar news you can use: Wisdom from Cigar Aficionado Magazine

Cigar review: The tasting notes from their review of the 601 Blue Label Maduro Torpedo Keep smoking 601 Blue Label Maduro Torpedo 90 POINTS NICARAGUA

Cigar review: Smell the Coffee

Cigar review: Macanudo puts another link in their cigar chain. This past summer, they have come up with their first flavor infused cigar. In their

Cigar review: Access the java

Cigar review: Focus review on Macanudo M. Stay tuned. Keep smoking

Cigar Lifestyle: Nashville Cigar Life: Primings Cigar Lounge and Bar

Cigar lifestyle:   I truly believe you get a real sense of a city if you spend several hours in a cigar lounge. Cigar folks

Cigar events: Running through Nashville

Cigar events:  Here is a taste of Nashville for a first time visiter. Lots of fun things to do in Music Town.  More images to

Cigar events: Back to familiar

Cigar events: back to my roots. Keep smoking

Music/lifestyle: the mother load

Music/lifestyle : the great country music and hall of fame. Keep smoking

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