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Lifestyle/Events: Rain go away

I truly do not understand why LA drivers do not get the basic understanding that it is important to moderate driving patterns in the rain. I have heard all the excuses about it hardly ever rains here or it takes practice to drive in the rain.

For the ignorant driver in the Los Angeles metro area , here are the facts that need to be accounted for when it rains.

1. Water adds a danger to the roads as it can cause hydroplaning and your car may lose contact with the road. SLOW DOWN,take your foot off the gas pedal. Not difficult to do.

2. It is difficult to see when it rains. Here are a couple of tips you can use.

3. Wiper blades are designed to clear the rain from your windshield. Use them.

4. Lights on your car make it easier to see the road and be seen. Use them.

5. Using a cell phone while driving may cause an accident as your concentration should be on the wet road. Put your cellphone down or better yet, do not use it.

6. It is not generally a good idea to tailgate at all but especially during a downpour. Stay away from the car in front of you and leave plenty of stopping room.

7. Plan your trip and make sure you realize your exit may be coming up. Sharp, abrupt moves changing lanes will eventually be detrimental to your health and everyone else.

I don’t want to bombard anyone with any more wet weather driving tips.

Hope these help.

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