Cigar events: A visit to the Shamlux Lounge, Granada Hills, Ca.

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I have not been back to the Shamlux Cigar Lounge in Granada Hills, Ca. in several years. The locale is very close to work but mostly I just wanted to get home so I did not make a stop. 

With a new ownership, and time to make the jaunt I paid a visit to Shamlux. My initial observations.

Shamlux has always been a lounge for cigar smokers. No pretenses, no hype , no bull. It still has the same feel with old timers and new customers always willing to meet, smoke and gab away. Job titles do not matter, nor does how much cash you make. 

Head to the nicely stocked humidor for a boutique blend or a well-known smoke. I was impressed with how many smaller cigar companies are represented with product.

Price points are reasonable given the state of California hates anything to do with tobacco and tries to kill the cigar business with taxes. 

Shamlux is divided into two areas with chairs , couches and sitting areas as you enter and further down the hallway.  You can have privacy if you desire or hang with anyone who happens to be there.

The smoking areas might be a little tight if lots of folks pop by but I do not see this as a problem. It’s intimate but not claustrophobic. 

I grabbed a San Lontano Requiem Maduro from the humidor, lit up and chatted with the new owner and several patrons. In a nutshell we chatted about:

  1. The state of the cigar business , what people smoked and why did he buy Shamlux?
  2. My views of what I liked to smoke, how my blog developed, what I do for a living.
  3. How to help in getting Shamlux known and become the cigar establishment in this part of the Valley.

Hopefully will pay many return visits , get my Shamlux mojo working again by meeting the staff and customers which will also make the website to get the information and insights on many topics.

Keep smoking


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