Lifestyle: The reality of the world hits home






Lifestyle:  So all of us need to reassess our life as the Corona virus impacts just about everything we do.

I was layed off from work for at least two weeks as the Los Angeles mayor decreed all gyms to be closed. As I am the Fitness Director of a club, that of course included me.

I applied for unemployment insurance  through the state in which I live. That hopefully will only take a couple of weeks to kick in. Maybe by then I will be back to work but as the world is now turning , I doubt that.

The lines for food, and other staples have been long or the items you need are not available for the present. Also hoping that no one I know or any family member gets ill.

I wish this for everyone. We simply do not know what the hell is going on with reports coming down the line from countless sources which may not be accurate.

Truth is scarce right now and panic has hit the streets at least in Los Angeles and what I have been reading it’s everywhere.

There is no right answer as we navigate through very muddy waters with intense problems if there is a wrong turn. 

As a former Boy Scout, the motto was ” Be Prepared,” and I think that is the best course of action we can take at the moment. Don’t look to far ahead but don’t lose faith either.

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