Cigar news you can use: Isabela cigars shows their stuff

Isabela Cigar Company is releasing our first Ltd Edition of 2022, the Mammoth 660 PepperHead ! Based off of our extremely popular “Mammoth” larger guage portfolio, the Mammoth 660 is in a ‘more accessible” 6 x 60 vitola, with a hopped up blend of higher priming tobaccos, to give the smallest release in the Mammoth line some extra punch, and more transitions . Blended to reveal ever-changing flavor profiles of honeys, vanillas, chili-peppers and spices, with 2+ years of post -production aging, to take the top off the spices, revealing an exotic journey of spinning flavor changes !
Msrp is $12.95
Total production of 2000 cigars
Available at All Official Isabela Retailers , a list of which is available at our website

We had many many requests over the years for Larger Guage Huge Guage…cigars,,,and as I mentioned upon release of the Mammoth 770 and 880 last year…the large guage stuff was probably one of the most difficult blends ever,,,to get such a large vitola to reflect our identity of multiple transitions….we also wanted to craft a blend that wouldnt require extensive post production aging, and were able to accomplish that with the 770 and 880. We also wanted to have a “sizzler ” availabel in the Mammoth line, a blend that went much further with depth of flavors and more transitions, so we blended the Mammoth 660 in what we call our “PepperHead ” format, dual wrapper, withmore of a baseline Nica Habano prieto wrapper, and a smaller Ecuad Conn wrapper…., with added higher priming binder and fillers…..
We wanted to release all 3 at the same time….so we blended and produced the 660s 2+ years ago, let them age for a year, then crafted the 770s and 880s…When our tentative release schedule for the Mammoths arrived, the 660 was still not quite where we wanted it to be, as far as the flavor reveals, so we held it back, and just released the 770 and 880., in 2021
Finally , the 660 is ready , so here we go !!
Feel free to email me with any questions etc…anything…anytime !!

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