Cigar events: Calm down, relax and smoke a cigar



Cigar events: Baseball is a game and a cigar is a smoke

I was speaking to a cigar friend the other day and he commented that when cigar smokers get together , they often get together to relax and not get riled up. In the political climate that seems to be the way of life now,  people get crazed about nothing in particular.  It could be about politics, about someone cutting you off in a car, about a movie or even a baseball game. Case in point.

The anger that exploded in the Dodger/Astro World Series game about a gesture and comment a Houston hitter made about a Dodger pitcher became an incendiary device that spoiled the great game between the two teams.

The Houston hitter ( Cuban born)  after hitting a home run  uttered   an offensive slang phrase  about the Dodger pitcher who is of Iranian  and Japanese  background. He compounded the issue by mimicking the shape of the Dodger’s pitchers eyes.

The world and baseball were aghast and the Houston hiter  and he was suspended the first five games without pay for the 2018 season. 

Now here is an imaginary dialogue between the players. 

Pitcher :  ” Shit bro, that was not cool what you did and I am pissed.”

Hitter: ” Man, I didn’t mean no respect, I was just jiving and showing off after I hit that shot off you.  You and me are the same, both ballplayers trying to win. Shit happens when you get pumped up.”

Pitcher: ” Maybe so but you were a dick and did not dig what you did. I know  you were amped but that is not something you should ever do again. I think you know what I mean.”

Hitter:  ” Yea man, you are right , I overdid it with all my shit. I am sorry that I dissed you like that.  I was thinking about my home run and really was not about you . ”

Pitcher:  ” All right you owe me a solid. Since you are Cuban I want a box of Monti 2’s and a box of Partegas Serie D delivered to my pad after the series end. Then we sit down no matter who wins and just smoke those beauties. Deal? ”

Hitter: ” Done deal and see you after we win the series. ”

Pitcher: ” Yea, not so sure about that but let’s dig those smokes.”

Keep smoking

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