Cigar Events: Another challenging day

cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-36807-img_13282b212Cigar Events:

It’s been two weeks today since my knee injury and have come up with some thoughts.

1. Since this was my first serious injury ever, I do now understand how pain and lack of mobility takes its toil.

2. You cannot be independent and without any assistance from family, friends and caregivers , you are relegated to one spot which for me is the bed.

3. Every movement or concept takes time and planning. Using the toilet is very difficult.

4. Cannot smoke a cigar as going outside is not happening. I am very fortunate that while I like cigars, I am not missing them and when I can get outside or a lounge I will.

5. My pets are glued to my side and I love that. My wife has kept my spirits up and helps me through the day.

6. Medical care has been first rate. The idea of not having medical care for all is unfathomable.

7. I do not miss driving but do miss the opportunity to go places if I need to.

8. Sleeping with a leg brace is tough to do.

9. You need books, reading material and other forms of entertainment.

10. Need to remind myself, things will improve.

Keep smoking

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