Cigar news you can use: Football is finally over

Cigar news:   Looking forward to baseball

I am  footballed out even though I am not a fanatical fan of the gridiron. It was  disappointing  the Patriots lost but I was  not overwhelmed with angst.  The Eagles were the better team for the Super Bowl Fifty two.  Having watched most of the game at the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge , the crowd at the lounge was almost non-existent. There are several reasons for the low turnout but these are my observations for the football denizens.

  1. The season is so damn long I could not maintain interest. 
  2. Too much hoopla about the bowl, players and the negative  focus on the big, bad Patriots.
  3. The rules are too complex. When is a catch a catch? When the ball hits the ground is it a legal catch?  Too much instant replay without a clear-cut decision.
  4. The hooligans/fans and the violence of the game is a total turn off.
  5. Really do not care about the half time show.
  6. Big deal , a commercial is still a commercial trying to sell you a product.
  7.  The announcers talk too much.
  8. Overkill of using Medal of Honor winners to pitch patriotism.  It demeans the men and the award.
  9.  Pre  game hoopla, give it a break.
  10. Smoking a cigar is more fun and enjoyable than the game. 

Keep smoking

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