Cigar events: We must have order

IMG_2866.jpgCigar events: Order is everything

My father was a stickler for order. Shoes must be in a straight line, placed L/R. Clothing  coordinated by color and type of clothing. So pants hung with pants, shirts with shirts. I do not think he did it by type of material but could have.

Some of this was passed on to me which overall think is useful as long as it was not becoming obsessive. Today I decided to straighten out my humidor collection. I keep a couple of hundred smokes stashed away for my enjoyment in 5 different sized humidors. I have not counted exactly how many cigars I possess but thinking it is about 200 or so.  Just ordered some more to split with a friend.

I smoke on the average about 4/5 a week so math tells me I do not need to order any product for some time but of course it is not a matter of need but of want. I usually pull out a cigar to smoke depending on mood, how much time I have, and whether or not I am smoking with someone.

I have some cigar friends who have very elaborate systems meaning their cigars are stored by shape, what country they were from, and also how long the smokes may have stored. Some of their systems are so elaborate it is a full-time job. I had a former client who had a hand-made humidor that stored 600 smokes and was stunning.However, the design had a flaw which was detrimental to his collection. The unit had separate drawers for the smokes but they were not safeguarded for the possibility of infestation of bugs.   What happened there were no dividers between each drawer and his prized collection got hit by beetles and good-bye stash.

Cigars should be rotated every so often, the humidity checked and examined for damage. too humid, too dry or infestation could be the death knoll for the stash.

Today my goal  was to at least make an attempt to do a better job  arranging them by shape. Did think I might put them together by country but that was too  much work. I checked them out, ordered several more Boveda packs for humidity control  and made a feeble show of changing the order of the cigars.  Overall it looks somewhat better but not to my father’s standards.

Keep smoking

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