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Cigar events: 

I am still making changes in the overall design of my web page and blog. The look is cleaner , updated and more to my present way of thinking. is on the uptick so I needed to make it more user-friendly.

I am also hoping the site becomes a money-maker this year  as while it is great fun to post and write , it would be more fun if I can monetize the site successfully.

I have some affiliate sponsors presently but the goal is to have paid banners, and advertisers fighting to get on the site. So it is  on increasing the readership as  more people click on to the site and sponsors, it might actually show some cash flow.

The first year was somewhat expensive as I had to pay for logo design, web hosts and all the other pieces needed to make a go of it. Nothing new that most bloggers don’t already know. Aslo trying to learn more of the technical aspects of web design which will take me longer to figure out.

In the meantime if you can support the sponsors I have on the site already, maybe they will like me .

Keep smoking

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