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Interesting discussion on a Facebook site I am a member of. The question was, “ Do cigar ratings really matter? “ I made a brief comment on the value of ratings concerning cigars and other products we buy. I plan to elaborate  what I said so it might help some readers on this matter.

First here are some of the comments other cigar smokers said.

” Cigar ratings have no weight when I choose a cigar. The rating system is nothing more than a marketing game.”

” Not at all.”

” Yep they do to me, the higher the ratings, the more likely I’ll try it.”

” For the beginners, yes, they always ask what is the number one,.”

There was  more discussion about this but this is a good overview  of what people had to say.  Let me now give you a fuller explanation of why ratings do matter.

  • As with any cigar  product, ratings are a subjective account  or comparison of many factors.
  • Shape and size  of cigar,
  • Type of tobacco used,
  • When and where you smoked it,
  • Price point,
  • Construction of cigar,
  • Flavor and aroma of the cigar
  • How does it smoke? Burn is straight, stay lit, easy to smoke?
  • Any particular issues or thoughts you noticed when you smoked the cigar?
  • You can add other reasons but this is what I usually think about in a review.

Cigars are not never either, or, or as I often say, a zero sum game. There is nuisance in the product. I want to hear what you think.

Unless you don’t care what you spend on a cigar, it is a good point to read or listen what other people are saying.

If you don’t want to waste your time on a cigar that no one likes, why are you smoking it or why bother?  I

f a friend hands you a cigar, most of the time you ask what is in the cigar or do you like it? That is a rating even if you don’t think it is.

There are thousands of cigars on the market, so it’s a wise decision  to learn about the cigar before you smoke it. You cannot possibly know everything that is out there.

Cigars can  be expensive so are you going to plunk down your cash , not care about it before investigating anything about the smoke?

As a comparison , when we buy big ticket items , we ask questions about the product, whether it is a review or word of mouth.

Would you buy a new car because you like the way it looks ? Don’t you need to know how it drives, or how long it will last? or what it costs?

Cigar ratings are an opinion formed by smoking a cigar. It does not mean the reviewer is wrong, or getting paid or getting the cigar for free.

However, if they are getting the cigar gratis, they need to inform the public about that.

In my reviews I always state how and where I received the cigar. I also comment it is my subjective opinion.

I am hoping that what I say  will help you in figuring out  if you also want to smoke it.

I have received free cigars that I do not like and my reviews make note of the good and not so good products I have smoked.

If someone likes a cigar for a variety of reasons, I would like to hear about it or read it. Reviews help me figure this point out.

If you don’t want to read reviews or don’t believe them, it’s your call.

OK I made my point .

Keep smoking

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