Lifestyle: Born to not run



Not to take anything away from the marathon runners but here are some thoughts about the whole scenario.

  1.  It is a great athletic feat to run this distance, and you trained very hard. I know this as I was a long distance runner myself. However, I hear it often how much you had to sacrifice in order to run.
  2. You did not sacrifice anything as it was your decision to run.  The training and hours you ran are part of the deal. If you are running for the memory of a loved one, or a charity ,  that is a reason you ran.  More power to  you.
  3.  The LA Marathon puts most of the city in lock down. Major streets are blocked, if you need to get around, either you need to leave much earlier, or don’t go. This is not necessarily bad as you can plan around the event but if there is any emergency in your hood, it’s going to be very dicey.
  4.  It has never been clear to me who pays for the police, fire , sanitation and other services the city provides. Is it the sponsors or the taxpayers?
  5.  I like athletic events, but marathons are not one of them. I have witnessed marathons all over the country, ( not necessarily by choice) and mostly it is a waste of time. Watching runners is totally boring except perhaps for the elite runners.

Until next year so I can complain again.

Keep smoking

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