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I have a general question to ask about blogging.  As I read more and more blogs, It is somewhat confusing about the number of entries a blogger should make.

I have a friend who is a very successful business person and his company owns several well-known web pages. He believes the blogger needs to publish as many entries as time and effort allows.  Not every entry needs to be an original piece. I have heard this concept from many sources.

The common refrain is ” You need to be out there or else your blog hits will suffer. ” If you are trying to make money, clearly  you need a very active audience who will visit your site almost daily.

Other bloggers seem to think the content is so important that if it is not of outstanding quality and design , your audience might read your stuff but eventually fade away.

My stuff is geared to a particular type of audience so the blog hits will probably never be in the stratosphere. As my site has made a steady climb in attracting an audience  I hope to grow a viable on-line business.

Some of the blogs/websites I read on a steady basis have no intention to be a money site. They seem to be OK with the scope and shape of their entries. I have put several affiliate sponsors on my pages which should bring  income to my overall design.

However I still want to present quality entries to my site whether it is of original content  other people’s work or news.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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