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Cigar lifestyle:

After a quick trip to the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge this afternoon I came up with this thought. 

There are hundreds of cigar reviewers and bloggers out in the network and I try to read as many as I can in a given time period. If that is all I did, still would still not be able to read them all. 

They are several that are regulars. That totals about 10-15. Those I hit every time I see their name come up. Others I check out every couple of weeks. Most of these bloggers/reviewers are fairly well-known in the circuit ,  and have a good group of followers .

What attracts me to this group are several factors. They have a sense of humor , make their reviews easy to read and are knowledgable about the cigar.

The reviews are pretty concise with enough information about the product that gives you a good understanding what they think about the blend. Some of the key points for me is where the cigar was manufactured,  and what is in the smoke.

Also important is the price point for those who need this item. There are other variables too and while it’s good to know this stuff, it’s not necessary to go over the top with details.

I like to see pictures of the smoke as the reviewer proceeds with their thoughts, the overall flavor of the cigar, strength and construction issues if any. 

I do not need to know every single taste or flavor they believe is part of the smoke.  Give me the main blend profile and that’s enough.

I have read some reviews of cigars and have no clue where that flavor or taste is coming from. Simple is better for most cigar smokers.

Years ago I worked at t wine store , and we had weekly tastings for products we sold. After the fourth or fifth glass of wine, I was too wasted to figure out what I was drinking. Granted we only sipped the wine but too much wine does not make for accurate thoughts about the product.

Here are some descriptive words I have encountered from reviewers and perhaps you can tell me if you have ever tasted them in your smoke. I have not but willing to believe you might have experienced them.

  1. Ham
  2. Steak
  3. Onion
  4. Pine Wood
  5. Olive

What happens I think if the cigar reviewer gets too descriptive they lose credibility in their process.

My reviews are subjective as I always state my goal is to educate the smoker/follower and give them a heads up about a cigar and it’s content. If the cigar interests you after my review , that works for me.  

Let me know your thoughts about cigar reviews in general. What do you want in a review ?  Basic stuff or lots of information or something else?

Keep smoking


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