Cigar/lifestyle: Come join the club



I have been asked from several followers about sending in their own reviews about cigars or post on other topics. The answer of course is yes, please do. I welcome your work on my site and it does not need to be about cigars. 

New horizons are great as it keeps me in the know about other subjects and possible areas of new interest. For those who have read my blogs with some consistency, I have blogged about sports, fitness, music , general lifestyle such as alcohol, fashion, commentary, travel and social events just to name some. 

Accepting new material opens up the community and also helps expand our own blogs.

Followers and readership keeps the spirit of blogging going. I would rather not have issues of extreme politics but social issues are certainly welcome. 

I will consider if your material is a good fit and if it is, it will be part of


Keep smoking

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