Fitness Lifestyle: I used to be


I hear from clients as a fitness trainer this phrase so often in some variation,

” I used to be in shape, I used to run _____ miles a week, I used to lift weights, ”  ” I used to be 25 pounds lighter.”

Using myself as an example , having been mostly off a  fitness regiment  due to my leg injury , rehabbing the knee has been my focus. This has been a difficult program but after 4 months , progress has been steady but slow.

I was told to pick up the intensity so I can gain more endurance and strength as the first goal was to regain mobility. Today I went to my old training gym I worked at for 8 years in order to crank it up a bit. I chatted with the trainer buds I know from the gym and that was great.

My workout was as follows.

35 minutes on the upright bike , level 8 -12, HR up to 140

 Two sets of pull downs, 10 reps, 80 lbs.

Two sets of curls, 10 reps, 25 lbs.

Two sets of  pushups off a smith machine, 10-15 reps.

Two sets of lunges, 10 reps. no weight

Two sets of squats, 10 reps. no weight

Two sets of lateral step downs, 10 reps , no weight

Two sets of individual two raises, 10 reps, no weight.

Iced for 20 minutes and called it a day.

Now several hours later, my damaged leg is feeling very funky and my upper body will feel it tomorrow.

” I used to be.”

Keep smoking


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