Lifestyle: One of the all time greats.

Lifestyle: If you followed wrestling , he was the man. Keep smoking Bruno Sammartino, wrestling legend, dies at 82 , •April 18, 2018 Bruno Sammartino,

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Cigar News you can use: Ventura Cigar Company has a new head honcho

Cigar news: Always glad to see someone pushing up the totem pole. The cigar business can be fickle so when a good dude makes it

Cigar News you can use/Lifestyle/Food

Cigar news/lifestyle/food:   Food and cigars go hand in hand.  Cigar folks always talk about food. They tend to talk a lot about just any

Cigar News you can use: CAO press release, new stuff

Cigar news: CAO is making a new product with a different twist, lets see how it goes, hopefully well. Keep smoking CAO Debuts First Cigar

Lifestyle: Cat behavior not explained

Lifestyle: My cat Cheetah will soon be 15 years old. For Bengal cats this is pushing the envelope but he still has good energy, awareness

Cigar review: Oliva Serie V Especial Lancero

Cigar review: Oliva Serie V Especial            Lancero’s are not everyone’s favorite shape. If I get a good one , I

Cigar Events: I have become a cigar lounge lizard

Cigar events: Not a bad thing. Spending time with friends, chewing the fat and not making any enemies is a good day. Keep smoking

Cigar Events: Would you call this work?

Cigar Events: Yesterday was busy with a hard PT session, a vet session for one of my cats and fatique from PT. I was sore

Cigar events: My animals rule me

Cigar events/ Lifestyle Taking Miss Ruthie our beautiful female Bengal to the vet is always anxious provoking for the kitty and us. She had her

Cigar News you can use: New feature: Chat Services

Cigar News: Just added chat service on If you have cigar related questions, fitness , sports music or other topics, please use the chat

Cigar News you can use: New Sponsor on the map

Cigar news: Just added a new affiliate sponsor on  They have a large inventory for your cigar needs and very good prices.  Check out

Cigar News you can use: Tobacco is the devil’s candy

Cigar news: I guess I will not be taking a visit to the Netherlands any time soon. Keep smoking THE NETHERLANDS ARE ON THE EDGE

Cigar News you can use: New Tandem equals new distribution

MATILDE CIGARS AND MLB CIGAR VENTURES FORM SEIBEL DISTRIBUTION A pair of cigar brands have parted ways from Quesada Cigars for their distribution, choosing to

Cigar News you can use: Paducah you.

Cigar news: I am sure  the thousands of tourists that decend on Paducah Kentucky will be relieved to know that cigars and other smoking materials

Cigar Events: Pretty as a picture

Cigar Events: Join in on the fun, great smokes from two champions: La Gloria Cubana and EP Carrillo. Keep smoking

Cigar News you can use: How come I never get invited to events like this?

  Cigar news: For our European readers and friends. Our USA readers are certainly welcome. Either way if you have the cash and the time,

Cigar Events: The Dead approve

Cigar events:  Really the Dead have nothing to do with my video. Just happened to be wearing Dead shirt from the famed Cornell concert in

Cigar News you can use: Cruise on

Cigar News: I like this concept. Cigars and the NY City skyline seems to be a great ticket for a night under the moon. Adding

Cigar Review: Guest blogger,Tiny Tim’s Cigar World

Cigar review: Tim writes a very solid cigar review with great insight and thought. The cigar in questions appears to be a top notch smoke.

Cigar Lifestyle: Beauty for the common people

Cigar Lifestyle: Great photo taken in Harvard Square in front of Leavitt and Peirce Tobacco. ( Credit: Gargoyles and Grotesques) Keep smoking   New post

Cigar News you can use: Mikey likes it

Cigar news: All things must pass. Cigar press release from Mike’s Cigars. A sponsor of my site. Keep smoking PRESS RELEASE: Mike’s Cigars BAY HARBOR,

Lifestyle: Baseball on my mind

Lifestyle:   The baseball season is about a week old and several observations after watching many games on the tube. The Red Sox run the

Cigar Event you can use: A day late

Cigar event: My intention was to post this yesterday but did not get that done. So he is my Camacho Connecticut robusto video. Am feeling

Cigar News you can use: Top blends according to Weiss

Cigar news you can use: An opinion worth sharing to our cigar friends. Keep smoking The 5 Best Cigars to Smoke Right Now, According to

Cigar News you can use: Davidoff Press Release

Cigar news: If you like Davidoff cigars and most everyone does, they are releasing a new blend for anyone that fancies it.  Keep smoking   

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