Cigar News you can use: Don’t Blow your chance for Cuban cigars.

Cigar News: Hurricane = Cigar shortage? This has come up several times with friends.  Some of them are in panic mode about their perception that

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Cigar News you can use: Hope it was worth it

Cigar News: I guess every cigar has a price and would love to know what cigar they were fighting about.  This is a true crime

Cigar Review: Raising Cain

Cigar Review: Cain Lancero F There are cigars you never get to. This is one of those cigars. I have seen them in B and

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Cigar video teaser: Cain Lancero F Keep Smoking

Cigar News and Event: Cuban Fix/Photos

Cigar News and Events: Annenberg Space for Photography This is a photo exhibit that was unveiled today. I am very much looking forward to viewing

Guest Cigar Review : Caldwell Cigars KC/Black

Cigar Review: Caldwell Cigars. I welcome other cigar reviews as it is impossible to cover every cigar and brand that features a new release. I

Old and in the Way

Cigar Event: Coffee Bean on Wilshire Blvd. Photo essay This is was the spot we  smoked for years.  An outside area which was a parking

Cigar News you can use: Bi- Partisan flavor

Cigar News: New La Palina cigars Looking forward to the new La Palina release.  I have blogged several reviews recently about their new lines and

Cigar News you can use: Cigar and Spirits mag, A how to guide

 Cigar News: Cigar Etiquette, Cigar Lifestyle by Randy Mastronicola The cigar universe is diverse in many ways. However, most agree that social interaction and an

Cigar News you can use:Greed is sometimes good

Cigar News: Urban Fishing Pole Cigars sponsors A not so subtle reminder of my attempt to make some cash on my web page. As I

Cigar News you can use: Guest review: Cigar Authority

Cigar Review: Cigar Authority Review.  CLE makes fine smokes with top construction and flavor profiles. This is a very positive review of one of their

Cigar Review: A Puzzle to my taste buds

Cigar Review: Punch Signature Robusto I usually don’t get to review  cigars when they first are released . That is not necessarily a bad thing

Cigar Review: First leg

Cigar Review:  Punch Signature Robusto.  The full review will  be published shortly. The video teaser will give you a short blurb about this smoke.  Keep

Cigar News you can use: Guest Cigar Review

Cigar Review:  A guest cigar review. Always good to get another opinion. Keep smoking   Gifted by a friend. Location: This review was made outdoors

Does anyone really know what time it is?

Lifestyle: Santa Monica , 9/2/2017, Time is on my side. Keep smoking      

There’s a story here

Cigar Events: Lifestyle Wally’s Cigar Shop For years we smoked at Wally’s , a well established landmark wine store in West LosAngeles.  It also had

Body by …………

Lifestyle:  Getting the right Personal Fitness Trainer Finding a fitness trainer sounds like a simple enough task. Go to a gym look for the biggest

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